woensdag 4 november 2015


materials : paper,pen,pencil
size: 21 x 29,1 cm

materials : paper,pen,pencil
size: 21 x 29,1 cm

  model: Veerle Westenburger                Leonard/Leo/Le
                      loc. : Borgo di Gello,                             materials : paper,pen,pencil
      Bibbienna, Toscany                              size: 21 x 29,1 

    model: Clement Chabernaud               model: a girl with hat
    july 2015                                              July 2015

all illustrations made by R.M.van Velsen
all image materials : paper,pen,pencil
all image size: 21 x 29,1 cm

all images rights reserved ©2015 rosalievanvelsen


donderdag 17 september 2015


Food project   'a spoonful of rĂªverie '

food/product styling:  rosalie van velsen
chef : Gabrielle barros martins
date: april 2015

project based on the dream of a girl to start a
blog called ‘ a spoonful of reverie’.
The dream in her head is present for several years,
but she never took a first step.
to inspire her to take that first step,
Gabrielle Barros Martins and Rosalie van Velsen
came together and created
the table-a-spoonful-of-reverie.

maandag 11 mei 2015

Exhibition installation C'EST PAS ICI


 at BAUTzuid 
Stadionweg 26-30 
04-2015 - 09-2015 

many thanks

Patricio ferrada Mercado
Nora van Krimpen
Adri van velsen
Pim van Velsen
Neels Smekens
Hakan Azman
Bobbi Ottenhaff