donderdag 17 juli 2008


New Gardens Collection

New Gardens Tablecloth
New Gardens Knickers

NEW GARDENS project: 2007-2008 Rotterdam/Milaan/Shanghai
There is a field of tension between fashion, gardening and social encounters. With the cloth on the table we can all sit together and eat. Under our plates and all around us is the quiet murmur of growing things. The smell of the herbs as they unfold. The tablecloth is seen here not so much a decorative object but rather a return to basic needs: of eating, of growing, of sensing the world around us, of meeting each other. Like crop circles in fields, the rings of cress grow on the table. It is both out of this world and perfectly ordinary. In such a setting we can sit together.

Extended Lamp

People are getting more and more depended on their products. They extend you.
This idea is about being a part of the product.
If you sit down and put your head into the cap, the lamp will turn on, as you walk away it will switch off. Making peolple and products depending on each other.


Capsule Collectie " when in doubt.."

conceal or revealthe person,the body or the minda thin line between the various religionsbrought together by transparency

Shoes on the Table

As you are never aloud to put your shoes on the table, 
these products will break that rule.




Geboortekaartje applebaby

Charlie CHaplin design

Collection inspired by Nudie Jeans

Hat design competition

Hat designed by R.M. van Velsen
won competition for Carlton Ambassodor Hotel 11/2005

Back to the middle

Happy Kids

Playing children.


Discofairies Prints


If Eye could say what they tell.

Rose Lamp


Costume Jas & stof

Een kostuum gebaseerd op een oude jas en stof.

Creative Shirts

Fiets - Accessoirelijn